Wednesday, January 18, 2012

USS Spaceship Poster

HELLO!!! It's very late (or early?) and I should've been in bed hours ago but I was just polishing this up to put online. Like Bon Jovi said "I'll sleep when I'm dead." which is preposterous because you do nothing when you're dead!!

It's my same old rehashed USS Spaceship characters! Look at them.. slightly redesigned again, in poses based on Star Wars/Last Starfighter posters! I managed to design a spaceship that I don't completely hate for the first time too. Which is nice since the whole thing is named 'uss spaceship' and it's one of the characters...

In other news I've been tumbloging/tumblrbloging/blumblurging/tumblumblarhging over at Metal Band Photos - posting dumb metal band pictures and writing snappy* captions. It's both an exercise in testing tumblr (which so far is moderately impressive in its ability to attract followers - I already have 8 strangers reading my crap after 4 days!) and writing 'insulting jokes'.

* nowhere near Al Jaffee level of snappiness.

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